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With the arrival of the hot weather, it's a great idea to spend the summer on Lake Como, and the perfect solution to fight the summer mugginess is to stay nearby the water. Here are 10 (unusual) activities to do this summer on Lake Como:


Of course, the first option to fight the summer heat is to swim at one of the several lidos on the Lake.

I would recommend either the Villa Olmo Lido or the Faggeto Lido.

Lido sul lago di Como con spiaggia sabbiosa e ombrelloni fucsia e blu
Villa Olmo Lido

Both have all the necessary facilities, such as a sandy beach and a beach bar, but, especially, the Villa Olmo Lido also has a swimming pool; while the Faggeto Lido has a small pebble beach with direct access to the lake.

Find out about all the facilities at the following links: and

It is also possible to bathe in the lake on the free beaches: but choose the right ones and watch out for the prohibition signs: bathing in the lake is not safe everywhere!


If bathing on the shore is not your thing, you can always rent a private boat! So you can choose your own itinerary, accompanied by the boat crew or on your own.

For more information on cab or boat rental services, I recommend you click here:

Otherwise, if you want to spend less and do something more unique, you can always have a paddleboat ride on the lake! It is clearly a different experience, but still very enjoyable and relaxing.

To find out more about pedal boat and sup rentals, click this link:


Gruppo di persone che fanno windsurf sul lago di Como
Windsurf on Lake Como

To windsurf on the lake, you need to move to the upper lake, where it is windier and the conditions are optimal for the sport. Gera Lario is one of the windiest places on Lake Como, with also a shallow, sandy bottom that makes it easier to enter the water.

If, on the other hand, you have never tried standing on a board, there is a windsurfing school nearby, Tabo Surf Center, which allows you to enjoy a pleasant day discovering this beautiful activity.

For more information, click here:


Waterbike sulla spiaggia del lago di Como

Within the setting of water sports, a unique experience is to rent a water bike and take a ride on the lake. The Water Bike is a real bicycle equipped with a lightweight structure that allows high performance, mounted on two floats, which allow you to "pedal" on the water.

In Menaggio it is possible to rent these bikes, that you can conveniently transport in your car and easily assemble once you arrive on the lake.

For more information:


Staying on the same vehicle, but this time not on water, a classic bike ride along the lakefront can also be very pleasant, with the light breeze cooling you down from the summer heat.

Around the city of Como there are numerous E-Bike stations that will allow you to pedal through the city streets or along the lake.

Otherwise, you can rely on Run & Bike to rent the bike of your choice: electric, racing or mountain bike.

Check out their website:


If you want to change means of transportation, I recommend a pleasant ride on a Vespa: no pedaling fatigue, wind in your face, sun shining, and a day of discovery with the people you love!

Riding around the lake on a Vespa, or climbing to the top of the surrounding mountains is definitely an experience not to be missed


Percorso su passerelle in legno sulla roccia sopra alle cascate dell'orrido di bellano
Orrido di Bellano

Moving to the Lecco branch of Como Lake, a very exciting attraction to visit is the Orrido di Bellano, a natural gorge created 15 million years ago by the erosion of the Pioverna stream and the Adda glacier. The path runs on footbridges anchored to the rock, that will take you over these magnificent waterfalls!

You won’t feel the hot weather thanks to the air displaced by the force of the water and the shade created by the very high rock, so this is also a great way to escape the summer heat.


Remaining in the province of Lecco, but moving further up the lake, one can visit the Cistercian Abbey of Piona, a typical building of Como’s art in exposed square stone, also accessible from the lake by boat, which is a rare jewel of Lombard Romanesque architecture.

Visitable parts of the abbey are the church, cloister and chapter house. To find out more about this magnificent place, visit:


Since most of the suggested activities take place on the upper lake, I would recommend at this point that you take a tour of the towns of Colico and Dongo, iconic towns of the upper lake area.


Not to be missed in Dongo are the Church of Santo Stefano, the End of the War Museum and the Merlo Garden (on the border between Dongo and Musso).

The Museum of the End of the War: Dongo is the site of the capture of Benito Mussolini and the hierarchs of the Italian Social Republic.

scorcio da finestra in mezzo ai boschi con vista su lago di como
The Merlo Garden

This museum is a voice that tells and will continue to tell future generations what peculiar things happened in Dongo.

For more information and hours, visit:

The Merlo (lit. Blackbird) Garden was created on the slopes of Sasso di Musso where the ancient castle of Gian Giacomo Medici, known as the Medeghino, once stood, of which today only the ruins can be seen. It is a pleasant walk in the woods among tropical and alpine plants with the breathtaking views of Lake Como.

There are several paths to cover and it takes a couple of hours to visit. Nearby is also the church of Sant'Eufemia, great for a break.


In Colico you need to visit the Church of San Rocco, the Fontanedo Tower and the Museum of Peasant Culture.

Torre di fontanedo sul lago di como
Fontanedo Tower

On the slopes of Mount Legnone is located the village of Fontanedo, in a dominant position over the village and with a view of the entire upper Lake Como, the centerpiece of this place is the Fontanedo Tower. The tower has the typical structure of medieval defensive buildings. Made of large ashlars of local stone, it has no openings on the ground floor to prevent entry to attackers. The entrance door is on the second floor, reached by a wooden staircase that could be removed in case of enemy attack.

The tower cannot always be visited, but even on closing days, I still recommend taking a walk up to it.

The Museum of Peasant Culture is an ethnographic museum and tells the story of peasant life in the Lake Como area between the late 19th and early 20th centuries with objects and reconstructions of former living environments. The building is structured on two floors; on the second floor is a domestic environment and in the basement are collected objects that testify to the different activities of the territory: agro-silvo-pastoral activities, handicrafts, women's activities, commercial activities and public service.


Hotel Gardenia Fiera is the perfect hotel if you want to stay away from the chaos of the city, halfway between Como and Milan, close to the highway and Switzerland.

Foto di letto di hotel con lenzuola bianche e cuscino grigio con comodino con tazza
Premium Room

Why choosing Hotel Gardenia Fiera? Being outside the city, you avoid the traffic! Plus, being outside the center, the prices are also lower.

Of course, the price is not our only strength: thanks to our rooms, you'll sink into a peaceful sleep after a day of strolling, wrapped in the comfort of our new Flexilan mattresses.

Hotel Gardenia Fiera has three room types, each with different features:

  • The Easy Room is a simple room where space doesn’t lack, here you will find all the essential amenities.

  • The Business Room is on the upper floors, is spacious and meets your needs for comfort, relaxation and sleep but also has all the tools to do business!

  • The Premium Room is on the upper floors, is bright and pampers you after your days. It has several extra amenities such as a Nespresso coffee machine and a soft bathrobe.

What are you waiting for? Book your stay now!

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