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Updated: Apr 5

Here we go again to the presentation of the beautiful staff of Smart Family Hotel.

Today we present the staff of the Marketing area composed of Laura, Barbara, Ilaria and Chiara.

Now to the official presentations:



Laura is our director. She manages Hotel Gardenia Fiera at 360 degrees, from marketing campaigns, to sports teams, event management and everything related to the organization and the good performance of the hotel.

Every marketing idea we have goes through her, who can always give that something extra, communicating the right message in the right way.

We can define it as the touch of class inside the Smart Family Hotel.

"Working with Smart Family Hotel for me means challenge and stimulation, it is a dynamic reality where I am continually tested and I can learn. The world of hospitality is my life and here the values of the family and hospitality can be breathed both in the relationship with the guest and in the relationships between colleagues. A place to get involved and have fun doing the most beautiful job in the world."



Barbara is our social media manager. She is the mastermind behind every post you see on our platforms.

Thanks to her precision, calm and professionalism, it always manages to capture the most beautiful moment for a photo or the most suitable words to describe the Smart Family Hotel.

"The thing that makes me happy to be part of Smart Family Hotel is the importance that is given to every single person, the opportunity to grow, to put ourselves in the game, to discover some of our talents that we did not think we had. It is also thanks to the positive environment, made of mutual collaboration, smiles, complicity, that makes this place unique."

And then there’s me and Ilaria. You met us a few weeks ago, in the article on the reception team. We’re back anyway, and we’d like to tell you what is for us the most beautiful part of being part of the marketing team.


Woman-with-black-uniform-that-take a photo-bad-white-sheets-green-pillows

Ilaria takes care of the videos and reels on social media and, together with Barbara and Laura, is the perfect photographer to immortalize the chef’s dishes, our rooms and the wonderful places you see in the videos.

Thanks to her patience and her ability to edit videos, she combines the right frame with the right music, creating small masterpieces that can make you dream and take you to our world.

"I love creating posts and reels on social media because they allow me to express my creativity and connect with a wide audience. Through images, videos and words, I can tell stories, promote the reality of the Smart Family Hotel and inspire people to live unique experiences."


Woman-with-black-uniform-in front of-a-pc

Me, Chiara, take care of the blog of the Smart Family Hotel.

I am the person who advises you how to spend your days in Como and surroundings, that tells you all the events that we organize or that there are on the territory and that presents the reality of our great family.

"Writing for the blog of the Smart Family Hotel allowed me to give vent to my great curiosity to discover everything around me, going to explore places I was not aware of before. I am learning a lot about what the territory of Como offers and it is a great fortune for me to be able to share all this with you through my words. I am really happy to be able to tell you about the experiences I had personally, so that you can make your visit even more magical.

Moreover, being able to write about the reality of Hotel Gardenia Fiera, Hotel Paradiso and MamaGina Brunate and Cermenate has allowed me to really feel like an integral part of this wonderful team and I am really proud to let you know everything we are and that we have in store for you"

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