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Here we go again to the presentation of the beautiful staff of Smart Family Hotel.

Today we present the wait staff of MamaGina Cermenate that, compared to last year, has been partially renovated with the entry of Laura, of great support to veterans Fabio and Sandra.

Now to the official presentations:


man-stand up-arms-crossed-white-shirt-black-apron

"I am very happy to have found this job, it gives me a lot of satisfaction. I bonded with my colleagues and I feel comfortable with them. And I love being around people!"

Fabio is our breakfast and meeting manager, he takes care of making the buffet perfect and not to miss anything to our customers.


woman-stand up-with-menu-white-shirt-black-apron

"My name is Sandra and I joined the Smart Family Hotel family a few months ago. I was immediately impressed by the philosophy of the company.I appreciate the opportunity to compare ourselves to improve every little aspect that can be offered to the customer.Of my work I love very much to know new cultures, traditions and ways of thinking that surely over time will allow me to grow even under the professional aspect.Moreover, I really like the fact that people have the opportunity to feel at home, to live a complete experience at 360 p. and to chat, laugh and joke."

Sandra is our wait manager and has the task of making the environment cozy and warm.


woman-stand up-white-shirt-black-gilet

"My name is Laura and I am a new entry of the Smart Family Hotel. I’ve been working here for a few weeks, but from the beginning I felt welcomed by my colleagues who, day after day and with patience, are teaching me all the tricks of the trade. Of my work I really appreciate the relationship that is created with the customer and the fact that all the staff makes him feel at home"

Laura is our waitress. With her vivacity, dynamism and her smile she is ready to brighten up your morning or your evening and to recommend the specialties of the day.

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