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Updated: Mar 15

Today we continue with the presentation of the staff of the Smart Family Hotel.

This week we present the kitchen staff working at MamaGina in Cermenate. We are talking about a completely renovated staff: a big news for our kitchen, which will surely leave you amazed.

Thanks to the experience and inventiveness of our Chef we can guarantee a much more varied and particular menu, with new combinations that can not wait to be tasted.

But now to the official presentations!



"What I have in common at MamaGina is the continuous evolution and experimentation of new flavors, the importance of seasonality and freshness of the ingredients, the desire to give life to an innovative and quality cuisine. Here I feel free to express my creativity. After so many years I can finally say that I have found my world."

woman-stand up-arms-crossed-chef-black-uniform
Chef Katia

Katia is our Chef, with her imagination and skill every day will bring you new dishes, with a riot of colors and scents that will tease the most refined palates.

A culinary journey to discover the flavors of tradition but revisited in a modern way, that will leave you amazed.


   woman-stand up-white-uniform-bordeaux-apron

"Working at MamaGina allows me to learn different preparation techniques every day and discover combinations that I thought unthinkable. Here I have the opportunity to develop my passion for cooking and to help cook extraordinary and completely new dishes for me. I am really grateful for the great opportunity that I was given"

Melinda is our assistant cook. With her contagious smile and her irrepressible energy will add to your dishes that touch that will make them unique.


man-stand up-black-uniform-black-apron

"I recently joined the staff of MamaGina but immediately I felt welcomed with open arms. I have been in Italy for a few months and this drives me not only to improve the language quickly but also to work with tireless energy to feel more and more part of a group"

Ali is our washer. With his grit and determination he is a valuable help in managing our kitchen, especially during the most demanding shifts.

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