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Updated: Mar 15

In previous posts we wanted to show you the reality of staying at the Hotel Gardenia Fiera and to be able to enjoy the homemade cuisine of MamaGina Cermenate.

In the coming weeks we would like to introduce our beautiful staff, because, in the end, it is thanks to them that your experience can be called unforgettable.

Today we start from the first people you will see entering the structure: the reception staff.


girl-stand up-black-jacket-white-shirt

"For me, being part of the Smart Family Hotel means feeling at home even in the workplace, an environment where you can be yourself, a place where you can count on your colleagues and your superiors. The most beautiful part of this work is knowing different people, talking to them, sharing thoughts and being able to say that they are part of their future memory of staying here with us".

Jennifer takes care of relations with tour operators and groups. She has recently taken on the role of Front Office Manager. A fundamental point of reference, it makes dedication to work and her inexhaustible energy her strengths.


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"Working for Smart Family Hotel is a fantastic opportunity, I immediately felt part of the family, they tried to understand what my strengths were to be able to exploit and cultivate them better. What made me fall in love is the importance they give to the well-being of the person. I love my work, for me it is an opportunity to meet new people and get to know their cultures and passions. Every day there is a different challenge to face. In short, it is impossible to get tired!"

Ilaria is one of our receptionists. With her radiance and creativity she ensures you a special stay.


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"Working for Smart Family Hotel is for me to feel part of a big family in which we support each other and, then certainly, working here is a gym of life in which you can grow both humanly and professionally and always confront new people, establishing relations based on mutual respect. Ours is a unique job because we have the burden but above all the honor of making people feel at home by providing 100% of our energy"

Vincenzo is one of our receptionists. With his kindness and positivity will welcome you at best and pamper you throughout your stay.


girl-stand up-black-jacket-white-shirt

For me working in Smart Family Hotel is a daily challenge especially with myself and my limits. I have been working here for a few months, but from the first day I felt welcomed in this great family and above all appreciated and valued. All this is a great stimulus for me to grow and learn new notions every day. I do the most beautiful job in the world, that of my dreams, as it always allows me to confront different realities and meet new people every day, being able to exchange a chat with them or a joke and make their stay even more enjoyable"

Chiara is one of our receptionists. With her sympathy and professionalism is able to improve your day with a smile, making you feel at home. He also takes care of the blog. Playing with words will give you valuable advice.


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"Being a member of the Smart Family Hotel is a great feeling, because it doesn’t seem to be part of a work group, but a family. With friendly colleagues and always willing to help when someone is in trouble.

Not to mention the kind of work: being around people, meeting people from all over the world and especially seeing the gratitude of customers every time you help them even in the little things.

In short, a different adventure every day."

Riccardo is one of our night porter. Always vigilant, diligent and responsible ensures you a relaxing sleep... or a night chat when you can not sleep!


boy-stand up-black-sweater

"Working at the Smart Family Hotel means being able to make a great contribution to my colleagues and to this great family, especially ensuring the safety of all guests during the night. Even during the night I have the opportunity to exchange a few words with those who go to bed late or with those who can not sleep to try to reconcile their rest and keep them company"

Stefano is one of our night porter. With his availability and meticulousness will make pleasant even your nights, making you feel safe.

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