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This year Easter falls on the 9th April, perfect occasion to take advantage of the warm weather and the weekend for a trip on Como Lake.

What can you do on Lake Como? There are lots of things to do, but considering the arrival of the good weather, the key word for this Easter is walk. I’d like to suggest some of the most beautiful paths in Como.


The Via Regia is the old path that connected Como to Bellagio, passing through the towns bordering the right shore of Lake Como’s left branch. At the beginning of the 20th century, with the construction of the country road, the Via Regia fell into disuse.

strada pedonale delimitata da ringhiera con casa gialla, alberi e cespugli. sullo sfondo montagne
Via Regia

From 2002 the old mule tracks were restored and it was created a 33km-long beautiful trekking path that connected Brunate to Bellagio. The Via Regia crosses the towns of Brunate, Blevio, Torno, Faggeto Lario, Pognana Lario, Nesso and Lezzeno.

It’s possible to start in each one of these towns and it’s not necessary to arrive to the end. There’s the possibility to get back to the starting point with buses (line C30) or with ferries. Or, on the contrary, you can walk through the entire path with the possibility to eat and sleep in each of the above-mentioned villages.

Here is a link to three possible itineraries to follow along the Via Regia:


The Chilometro della Conoscenza (lit. kilometer of knowledge) is a path that starts in Villa Olmo in Como and goes through the parks of Villa del Grumello and Villa Sucota. It’s a pedestrian way that connects these three Villas, surrounded by trees, greenhouses and lemon houses. A naturalistic path that comprehends 17 hectares of rare beauty but also an artistic scenery, based on the creativity and sharing of cultural ventures of scientific research.

It’s a very easy and relaxing walk that can be combined with a stroll around the city centre or along the lakeside. A day in which you can appreciate the warmth of the sun, the birdsong and the light breeze of spring.

For further information on this walk:


Castello Baradello is the symbol of the city of Como and one of the most important historical monuments of the area of Como Lake. Built by emperor Federico Barbarossa on pre-existing fortresses and situated in a strategic place, since centuries it overlooks the city and the lake.

torre di castello medievale in mezzo alla montagna verde con sfondo sulla città di como, lago e montagne
Castel Baradello

From the top of its tower the view is simply stunning and its walls are witnesses of the most important historic happenings of northern Italy. Surrounded by the natural park, the castle is reachable with easy walks from more points of the city. Since 2015 the Castello Bardello presents itself to the public as a Tower, thanks to a new set-up that hosts the new finds. The castle can be visited exclusively with a guided tour.


The San Donato retreat is a former Franciscan monastery built in 15th century and later converted in a residential building. Its church and monastery were built on a spur of rocks in Garzola, along the path that once connected Brunate to Como.

I suggest this destination because this retreat is one of the most peculiar places from which you can admire Como and its lake. From here you have a wonderful view of the city and the branch of the lake.

As last path, I’d like to suggest the


Let's start by saying that the Via Verde is a 7km-long walk that connects Rovenna to Moltrasio. However, you don’t have to walk the entire length. There are three starting points:

  • From Moltrasio

  • From Laglio

  • From Rovenna

All three options follow a very scenographic panorama of the lake. However, the best part is walking through the small villages, some of which are built in stone.

sentiero in pietra a picco sul dirupo sul lago di como
Sentee di Sort

Jennifer’s tip: I have always started the walk in Rovenna. Therefore, I suggest to reach Rovenna by car and then follow the Sentee di Sort. Passing through trees and ruins, you’ll get to Cernobbio. Along the path there are also some picnic areas with an incomparable view on the lake.

The panorama along the Via Verde is simply stunning. It catches you in its beauty and will make its memory unforgettable!


Hotel Gardenia Fiera is the perfect hotel if you want to stay away from the city’s chaos. Half way between Como and Milan, near the highway and Switzerland.

Why choosing Hotel Gardenia Fiera? Being outside of the city center, it’ll be even easier reaching the above-mentioned destinations, avoiding the narrow streets of the city center, but most importantly, avoiding the traffic! Then, since we are outside the center, our prices are also lower.

letto d'hotel bianco con runner e cuscini grigi e accappatoio bianco
Premium Room

Moreover, if you take advantage of the offer “Easter deal”, you’ll get – by booking directly with us – unique offers:

  • 10% discount on all rates for the night of the 8th April

  • 20% discount on all rates for the two nights of the 8th and 9th April

Obviously, our strength is not just the price: thanks to our rooms, after a long day walking, you’ll sink into a relaxed sleep, wrapped in our new Flexilan mattresses’s comfort.

Hotel Gardenia Fiera has three types of room, each one with different characteristics, but in each one of them you’ll sleep like a baby! To discover which room is most suitable for you, visit our website ( or call us for some advice!

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